About Us


Emirates International Investment, we are focused on a dynamic and decisive approach to investment. We operate a straight forward and effective business model and our strong and dynamic team of local and international business professionals is highly skilled in identifying commercial potential and translating it into live, profitable business entities. We welcome all opportunities and embrace innovation. Therefore we never limit ourselves to shareholding in any specific sector. We evaluate every opportunity on its merit and potential to grow. Our specialty is start-up businesses; however we invest in companies in all stages of their business cycle.

Our international corporate practices allow us to stand out from the crowd and we welcome all business ideas no matter how small. We like to see the people behind the business grow and expand as much as their company does, and are committed to taking the time to partake our knowledge.

Who we Are?

  • Our Mission

    To build on our track record of successful partnerships, setting ourselves apart by taking strategic, operational and financial initiatives aimed at strengthening our partner’s competitive position. Additionally, our aim is to continuously achieve high risk-managed returns coupled with sustainable value growth to our stakeholders, and to attract, develop and retain the best investment professionals in the region.
  • Our Vission

    Our vision is to provide impeccable quality by delivering superior management performance and top of the line services to our investors. An integral part of this vision is delivering superior returns to our shareholders, consistent with our pre-defined risk profile and comparable to other best-in-class corporations. We strive to increase the value of our business while maintaining high ethical values and a commitment to the development of society through integrity and fair business practices.
  • Our Strategy

    Emirates International Investment has been committed to helping businesses through all stages of their development. Mirroring the region’s growth, we venture into businesses across various industries and are experienced in developing entrepreneurial ideas into successful entities as well as enabling brands to enter the UAE market. By continuing to look for opportunities, we use our insight as growth drivers of the underlying business. We believe that this is a more robust source of returns, over the business cycle, than a sole reliance on financial leverage; thus, we invest with the primary intention of creating a measurable social impact.

Our Focus Segments

  • Commercial Enterprises & Management
  • Industrial Enterprises & Management
  • Agricultural Enterprises & Management
  • Water Enterprises & Development
  • Sports Enterprises & Development
  • Healthcare Enterprises & Development
  • Educational Enterprises & Management
  • Tourist Enterprises & Managementt

Board Members

We have a multi-functional team of business professionals with diverse backgrounds from all over the world including Europe, North America and Southeast Asia region. Our culturally diverse organisation also supports and employs the best of the UAE’s talent.

Dr.Abdulla Al Shaibani

Dr. Abdullah Al Shaibani

Chairman and Founder

Chairman and Founder of Emirates International Investment

Dr. Najib Fadlani

Dr. Najib Fadlani

Dr. Najib Fadlani

He is partner and co.chairman in Emirates International Investment