Agricultural Zone

Agricultural Enterprises & Management

To provide a wide range of Specialized Horticulture Product Cultivation and production, Emirates International Investment responds to the needs of the customers by investing in the agriculture sector. It has also launched a company that aims to develop a system of supply which will ensure security and self-sustainability of food supply in meeting the food needs of the UAE and the other countries in the Middle East.

EII Agricultural Services

  • Retail sale of seeds, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables, fodder, natural flowers and plants
  • Farms management and operation
  • Specialized horticulture products cultivation and production
  • Land reclamation for agriculture purposes
  • Live plants Cultivation for purposes of grafting and decorating including Olives, Fruits, Citrus, and Wheat Cultivation
  • Irrigation systems operation for agricultural purposes
  • Growing of vegetables corps and Melons