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Water was and still is and will remain to be the strongest ring in our lives, where it is the pulsating nerve of life that cannot continue without water. In confirmation of the words of ALLAH Almighty “and we made from water every living thing” { وجعلنا من الماء كل شيء حي } صدق الله العظيم Therefore, the water remains the red line which cannot be bypassed, perhaps there are a lot of questions and wonder which rings alarm bells in our minds about how to sustain life without water and how it will turn into life on Earth from prosperity to scarcity and what would be the future of the Communities, Nations and Countries if the light of this danger threatens life on Earth and in front of this dangerous reality. Ecologists and scientists of sustainable development agree about the next war is going to be the War of water.

The boom of Oil in the Arabian Countries in the seventies of the last century along with the economic renaissance have contributed to massive population increase in remarkable five times, which led over the course of time to strain the already limited water resources in the region, the countries of the Arabian Gulf have found itself facing a heavy burden, which is to accommodate the demand for water, the water consumption per capita has reached approximately 245 liters, equivalent to 65 gallons and this is a modest amount compared with other uses of water in agriculture and industrial sector. Many studies and reports talked about the water situation, but solutions, visualization and treatises were very scarce.

Hence the selection and preparation of this study and this project, which carries a new idea that is applied for the first time “Project Sustainability of Groundwater Resources” which is focuses on collecting all the drops of water from the Air conditioners to for its investment groundwater to provide resources of reserve water, using and taking advantage of all the distilled water from air conditioners and assembled without wasting it. It’s a new project and unfolded for the first time to support and to strengthen the creative National projects to serve sustainable development, to provide water reserve that would contribute significantly to securing water in the UAE. This development initiative is to benefit the rest of the Arabian Gulf Countries.